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Press-center / News

Progress does not stand still. And so we are. Find out about the latest news and events in the world of HBM. The aim of our press center is to provide the most complete information about the company for both the media and our clients. This section of the site will help you to always keep up to date with our news. Also you will be able to view and download photos and videos related to the activities of HBM.

04/12/2018 10:00
HBM is already available in Spanish
Friends! The official website of HBM is already available in Spanish! Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet, with more than 329 million speakers and takes 2nd place in the world - ahead of English, French and German, and inferior to Chinese and Arabic in terms of the number of people for whom this language is native. Spanish is native to 44 different countries around the world and one of the official languages of the UN and the European Union. As a result, the translation into Spanish will open up new opportunities for Spanish-speaking clients to cooperate with HBM. In turn, we work exclusively with highly qualified certified translators, each of whom has specialized terminology and thoroughly understands the subject matter of the source text.
04/07/2018 21:04
HBM Corporation brand book
Dear partners! In connection with a significant expansion of the volume and geography of our activities and to maintain the corporate style of the Company, we offer you the brand book HBM. It includes recommendations and instructions for the use of all elements of the corporate identity, from the logo to the design of the office. Unified corporate standards and rules are developed, documented and clearly spelled out in this brand book for use by all HBM partners in different countries. This will preserve the overall idea and brand recognition, and will also allow for more efficient promotion of a sufficiently wide range of products. You can view or download the brand book by the link.
04/07/2018 18:51
Happy Easter!
HBM team congratulates all Orthodox with Happy Easter! On such a festive day, we would like to wish truly spiritual rejoicing and family unity, health, peace and prosperity to all. Let every day your house is filled with comfort, warmth, happiness and prosperity. Give each other attention and care, love and faithfulness. Smile, go to meet the new, believe and forgive, love and let others love you. Congratulations!
04/06/2018 11:22
Our website operates in Polish
Friends! We do not stand still, we constantly improve services, quality of service and support, we take into account all the nuances, individual wishes and needs of our customers. In addition, we want to give our users the opportunity to easily and comfortably work with HBM in their native language anywhere in the world. The introduction of a new language on the site requires considerable effort, which is why we are so proud of our team, which each time brilliantly copes with the task and offers new language opportunities for the maximum number of users. Today we are pleased to announce the addition of the Polish language to the list of interface languages on the website of the HBM Company. The Polish language is one of the largest Slavic languages and one of the 24 official languages of the European Union. In addition to Poland, it is also prevalent in other countries of Europe, America and Australia.
04/03/2018 09:10
Expansion of Pawnshop Network HBM
Dear partners and customers! We are happy to announce the imminent opening of the second pawnshop of HBM! Currently, construction and finishing works are being carried out with the optimal organization of the internal space and the most modern technical equipment. All this will allow very soon with 100% readiness to start working within the framework of expanding the pawnshop network.The official opening of the branch is planned very soon, after which it will be ready to provide our customers with a full range of services. Address of its placement: Kazakhstan, Aktobe st. Sherniyaza, 51. We believe that this is only the beginning and ahead of new horizons and achievements! Follow our news!
04/02/2018 10:54
HBM in Dubai'18: long-awaited gifts
Friends! The First International Congress of Leaders, Investors and Company Management in Dubai gave an excellent start to the further long-term development and advancement of HBM. Unfortunately, not all the partners and leaders who took part in the promotion were able to come to Dubai for various reasons beyond our control. Focusing on the achievement of significant successes by its customers and partners, HBM provided special gifts for those partners who fulfilled all conditions of participation in the promotion and provided the necessary personal data. During the day, all the gifts will be provided and the winners will receive a notification by e-mail. We thank all the participants of our event, our friends and like-minded people for the shown attention to the event. The company HBM continues to grow confidently and conquer new peaks!
04/01/2018 10:07
Happy Palm Sunday and Easter!
HBM sincerely congratulates all the Orthodox Christians with the Palm Sunday and  all the Catholics with the Easter. We wish you bright and pure feelings, luck, good and prosperity. May the beauty and hope of this special day be with you the whole year through! Wishing you an Easter day colored with happiness! With love to you at Easter and always.
03/31/2018 09:42
Welcome to the English-language webinar
Transparency, stability and efficiency of the company - these are the main directions for the development of business today. The company HBM gladly shares its knowledge and received a lot of positive feedback from like-minded people - hastens to invite you to our weekly English-language webinar, which will be held on Saturday, March 31 at 17:00 (GMT). If you have wanted to visit the Company for a long time, to communicate and hear the news from the firsthand, the webinar is just the right one for you. In whatever city or time zone you did not live. Join and send an invitation to friends and acquaintances: get acquainted with HBM and learn new things. You can ask questions to the speaker, share your impressions and express your wishes - in short, use all the possibilities of interactive communication! To participate in the webinar, go to https://pruffme.com/landing/HBMCORPORATION/English and enter your name.
03/30/2018 23:04
Internal transfers in HBM
HBM Corporation has the most serious approach to the implementation of innovative and competitive services and providing flexible and universal opportunities for its customers. The introduction of a system of internal money transfers between customer accounts is another step towards high-quality service. Any investor of the Company can send and receive internal transfers to / from other HBM accounts. In the personal account of the investor, an internal transfer section has already been added, where you can perform this operation. After creating an application and for making a transfer, you need just confirm it in a letter sent to a personal e-mail. After confirmation, the transfer is made instantly and without commissions. Cash received from internal transfers is converted on a separate - Internal balance of the personal cabinet and can be used only to create a deposit. Thanks to common standards and simplified processing, anyone who wants to send money has the opportunity to do it quickly and conveniently!
03/30/2018 12:19
Investments available through the bank
Friends! We are constantly working to expand the range of functions and capabilities available to our customers. For this, we try to create the most convenient conditions for investors to cooperate and work with HBM. It is no longer necessary to register in payment systems and create electronic purses - invest funds with your bank card. Investing has never been so easy! Already, our customers can make a deposit using Sberbank (RUB) and PrivatBank (UAH). In the future, we will continue to expand and improve the possibilities of bank transfers, the highest quality and efficiency of our work. Choose from a variety of options and invest in the most favorable conditions for you.