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HBM company officially registered in the heart of Albion - London. Its activity is based on the basic principles of building a powerful, competitive business with sustainable growth and long-term prospects.

Principles of construction HBM

The company accepts investments in trust management and financial planning - giving its customers the opportunity to invest with further receipt of passive income. HBM defines investment objectives, for the implementation of which are responsible for professionals with many years of experience.


HBM has several projects at once, which are developing in different directions. The main criterion is expert decisions in almost any field of activity and high risk diversification.


Creation of a reliable, civilized and stable developing network of pawnshops with prompt and profitable services for obtaining fast cash and reliable assistance in difficult times.

Credit organization

Progressive micro-credit organization with high quality of customer service in accordance with the best world experience. Quick loans are designed to provide in the shortest possible time the money of any person with minimal time and effort and ease of the procedure of registration.

Cryptocurrency market

Creation of own cryptocurrency exchange - a trend number one of the financial market and one of the most profitable and popular earning opportunities. Dynamically growing interest in crypto currency provides their high potential profitability.

Brokerage office; Real estate agency; Stock Exchange

In our long-term plans - the creation of one of the leading brokerage offices with modern and efficient brokerage services; participation in the New York Stock Exchange; The leading real estate agency with a full range of services for buying, renting and selling real estate all over the world.

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To participate in the webinar, you must go to the link and enter your name and surname.


The schedule of webinars: from Monday to Friday - at 19:00 (Kiev time) at 20:00 (Moscow time)

We begin a series of weekly webinars from the Company's partners. Every Sunday at 15:00 CET (16:00 Moscow time), webinars will be available at the link:

Every Saturday at 17:00 (GMT) an English-language webinar!

We invite you and your partners! You will receive all the relevant information first-hand and increase your chances of successful cooperation with HBM.


Three simple steps

  • 01 Registration
  • 02 Deposit
  • 03 Profit
Step 1

We are confident in our strengths and our ability to conquer new horizons for growth and development, and we will do everything necessary to further strengthen cooperation with investors who believe in us. And you can become one of them. Complete a simple registration procedure on the company's website by following the step-by-step instructions of the system.

Step 2

The investment plan of our company is designed for 365 days. The minimum deposit amount is $ 100, which will be canceled upon expiry. Daily profit calculation with a floating interest varies from 0.6% to 1% on weekdays, and there is no accruals on weekends and on holidays.

Step 3

In the personal cabinet of the investor are available three balances for convenient management of funds. In the first balance are funds that are available for withdrawal at any time. The second balance sheet is provided for the receipt of daily charges on it, which are automatically transferred to the first balance on the 1st and the 15th dates of each month, after which you can order withdrawal of funds. The third balance receives bonuses from the Company, which can be withdrawn after passing the necessary procedure specified on the site. The procedure for implementation of withdrawals is from 1 minute to 5 working days after it was filed. Upon the expiry of the deposit period, accruals also stop.

Investment offer
Due to expert assessments and calculations of our highly qualified specialists, our investment plan shows a great potential for dynamic growth and profitability at the same time. By investing in HBM, you become a partner of the company, where your interests become ours.
Hbm for all
Yield 0.6 to 1% per day (Except Saturdays and Sundays)




$100 000

Term of

365 days
Yield 6% per week





Term of

24 weeks

Quota for 1 account 2 portfolio
purchases per month

Yield for the first 24 weeks 6%. After 24 weeks 4% per week


$15 000


$55 000

Term of

48 weeks
Coin HBM
Yield from 15% to 17% per month


0.01 BTC


100 BTC

Term of

365 days

Calculator of profit


Total days:
Daily profit:
Total profit:
Total return:


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Press-center / News

Progress does not stand still. And so we are. Find out about the latest news and events in the world of HBM. The aim of our press center is to provide the most complete information about the company for both the media and our clients. This section of the site will help you to always keep up to date with our news. Also you will be able to view and download photos and videos related to the activities of HBM.

HBM in Dubai'18: resume
March 2018

Friends! The event, which was waiting for, which was prepared, which excited all the leaders and partners - took place! March 16 from different parts of the world to the First International Congress of Leaders in Dubai, Investors and Management of HBM Corporation was attended by the most active and most dedicated partners and leaders. Going on a trip, especially when it comes to such a truly grandiose event in the life of each partner, you expect a lot. The HBM IN DUBAI'18 promotion has...

Available investments in Ethereum
March 2018

Friends! As promised, we are expanding the investment opportunities in the crypto currency. Under the investment plan CoinHBM, in addition to Bitcoin (BTC), investments are also available in Ethereum (ETH). Flexibility of the platform and the ability to interact with different applications, prompt execution of operations for 20-30 seconds and high productivity make this crypto currency a reliable object of investment. In the near future, it is planned to connect other...

Congratulations to the beautiful half of humanity with the Women's Day!
March 2018

Nature has endowed women with incomparable beauty and inexhaustible energy, sincere tenderness and selfless devotion, vital wisdom and amazing patience. You keep a family hearth, educate children, achieve success in professional and social activities, while remaining always young and beautiful. On this spring day we wish you smiles, wonderful festive mood, family happiness, prosperity, health to you and your family! May all your hopes and dreams come true, let every day of your life be...

Meet in Dubai
March 2018

Dear partners! Promotion HBM IN DUBAI '18 ended! We meet on March 16 at the First International Congress of Leaders, Investors and Management of the Company HBM in the capital of technology and luxury - in Dubai. It will be extremely powerful, useful and productive! HBM partners will have an opportunity to communicate in an informal atmosphere, discuss prospects for new phases of cooperation and establish business contacts, share experiences and proposals. The business part of the program...

Another update of the investment program
March 2018

Friends! In the first spring days, the HBM team prepared an excellent news - another update of the investment program! A new investment plan HBMCoin is already available for investment in the crypto currency. At the moment, investments are accepted in Bitcoin (BTC) with the subsequent connection of other crypto currency (Ethereum). Almost unlimited potential for growth of the bitcoin rate in relation to even the world currencies - the euro and the dollar - makes it possible to make the...

We invite everyone!!
February 2018

Friends! We invite you to join the official HBM chat in Telegram, where we daily share important and interesting news. You can install the Telegram messenger and communicate on all topics of interest - ask questions, participate in discussions, share observations and get useful advice from experts. For the convenience of users, the chat is available in English and Russian. We are always glad to receive any feedback or suggestions! The chat was created especially for easy communication....

The website also works in Vietnamese
February 2018

Friends! From now on, the HBM Company website also works in Vietnamese. Worldwide, about 90 million people speak Vietnamese, including 1.2 million in the United States, 700,000 in Cambodia, 300,000 in France, 200,000 in Australia, 130,000 in Canada, 80,000 in Germany. Vietnamese communities also exist in Laos, Thailand, Russia and other countries. As result of painstaking joint work of translators and webmasters, we have a high quality and complete translation of the site,...

There is very little time left!
February 2018

Friends! Until the end of the promotion HBM IN DUBAI '18 there is very little time left. The Company offers once again appreciate one of the main advantages of promotion - to go to the congress in Dubai at the expense of the Company. Communication with leaders, acquaintance with the managers of the Company, presentation of achievements and development plans for 2018, exclusive news and announcements of the nearest events, awarding ceremony of the best leaders, business trainings,...

Subscribe to our Vkontakte page
February 2018

Friends! Now, in addition to Facebook and Twitter, you can follow our updates on the social network Vkontakte. The created page will serve as a platform not only for duplicating news announcements from the site, but also for promptly informing our customers about technical innovations on the site. Subscribe to our Vkontakte page and get to know our news first. Link to the page - https://vk.com/hbmcor Join now!

Renovation of HBM
February 2018

Spring is a magical time of year when nature revives and awakens. Together with natural renewals, the desire and need for internal change is awakened. The main characteristic of HBM is the ability to masterly combine scale and accuracy with dynamics, speed and a thirst for innovation. In order to emphasize the advantages of cooperation with HBM, the Company presents a comprehensive program of innovations, which is designed to ensure the most effective continuity of HBM development and the...

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